WeGo Offers A More Seamless Rental Experience For Vintage Car Enthusiasts

Photo courtesy of Fabio Morelli.

Classic car rentals are one of the best solutions for vintage motor enthusiasts to experience this passion fully and try unique experiences.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Morelli.

However, renting classic cars starts at around 400 euros per day, which varies according to the model of the car, to which additional costs must be incurred, such as the deposit, for which a card with a minimum of 2,500 euros is required.


Furthermore, the rental procedure is tortuous: you have to call the renters to ask for a quote, which slows down times and makes the process excessively bureaucratic. In addition, the economic obstacles mentioned above.

Despite these difficulties, the classic car rental market is still profitable in terms of revenues. In recent years, not only have profits from rentals increased, but the average duration of the latter has also increased.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Morelli.

From this it can be deduced that there is a problem on the supply side, which doesn’t offer easy services aimed at the best possible experience for consumers.


WEGO was created to solve exactly this problem and aims to convey a tangible and relevant value to the end customer, responding to two of their fundamental needs: an easy rental process and an affordable service.

In fact, the idea consists of a classic car rental platform that allows customers to manage reservations, provide customer assistance at any time and process payment safely and simply.

The cars come from a Dutch workshop and are finished in Italy. The first electric prototype capable of meeting the environmental needs of many Italian historic centers, and keeping up with the times, without sacrificing the style and experience of driving a vehicle over 40 years old, currently is under development.


WEGO not only aims to offer a more fluid and intuitive service, it leverages a competitive price it is able to set, eliminating the additional costs of common rental services, such as a deposit.

Three different target customers have been identified to which WEGO addresses its service: classic car enthusiasts, luxury hotels as well as rental agencies and other rental platforms for vintage cars.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Morelli.


In this launch phase, where feedback from customers and the behavior of the cars and the management system is being collected, it’s possible to book a guided experience.

Customers can do so through Airbnb, Get Your Guide and TripAdvisor portals, where the customer can both drive the car and let them guide a professional driver who accompanies them to the wonderful villages of Lake Como or within the city of Milan.

The software and service will be 100% independent starting in January 2024.


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