‘Yellowface’: A Satire You Can’t Put Down

'Yellowface' novel by R. F. Kuang

Just stand in your local bookstore and read the opening pages from “Yellowface.” R.F. Kuang’s novel will lure you in with the irresistible bait of a solid, culturally wrenching plot.

How can a writer take the story of someone else and make it theirs?

Kuang writes in direct hits that leave the reader spinning.


Zakiya Dalila Harris, bestselling author of The Other Black Girl, says “Yellowface” is “one of the most transfixing novels I’ve read in ages. … Kuang boldly interrogates literary hot-button issues like privilege, appropriation and authenticity, leaving it open for readers themselves to decide where to draw the line.”

Author R. F. Kuang. Photo courtesy of John Packman.

Constance Wu, author of “Making a Scene” and star of “Crazy Rich Asians” says: “Reading ‘Yellowface’ felt like being inside a wild, brutal, psychological knife fight with a deranged clown. A merciless satire that left me screaming inside … from both its horror and humor.”

A read to dive into. If you dare.

“Yellowface” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble or your local independent bookstore.

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