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The Color Purple 2023

Although Winter is upon us and while the sun may not shine as bright during this part of the year, you can always look to your fingers and toes for a ray of sunshine.


Fashion begins as a state of mind and a evolves into an outer expression of self. What you wear is a reflection of your personality, your mood, and a statement of who you are. For some, fashion doesn’t just include material items… it can also include nail art. Women have been dressing up their nails for years and with continued product development, masterful techniques, and a sea of nail polish colors to chose from, die hard finger paint lovers constantly have options to reinvent their looks.

©2014 All Rights Reserved. LaTonia Robinson.
©2014 All Rights Reserved. LaTonia Robinson.

With the evolution of style comes the never-ending desire for more, more, more. For some nail art lovers, size actually does matter and having some of the most unique design trends at their fingertips is really what they crave most. Nail technicians have stepped up their game to keep up with the increasing demand. Skill sets now include bringing that added WOW factor to the customer with 3D designs.


The freedom to express yourself with the stroke of a brush has never been more exciting. Nail art continues to be all the rage for those Fashionistas who tend to be more daring than a basic coat of paint. As a TCK of Jamaican descent, I am more inclined to push the boundaries of conformity and go straight for any and everything outside of the box. Give me bigger, bolder, and louder colors with masterful designs. I want to look at my nails and feel like I’m going to Carnival or Junkanoo. This look does not always have to be achieved with the use of an experienced nail tech. A simple way to achieve the look for less can be with nail decal or nail sticker, and you’ll actually get the perfect design each time.

Glitter Fade Nail Art

A basic manicure may last you a day, if you’re lucky. The truth is that your natural nails are just not made to hold on to the polish for long periods of time without showing any wear or tare. However, if you want a bigger bang for your buck, then make the investment of a few extra dollars and upgrade to shellac nails which is more commonly referred to as a gel manicure. This nail polish is made with a special hardener that adheres to the nail better through the use of artificial UV lighting upon application. A gel manicure can last you anywhere from a few days to a week or two depending on how well you take care for your hands. Nail lovers can also chose to do place an overlay of a silk wrap or acrylic on their natural nails to give them an added protective layer that’s more durable for long lasting effects.

Nails by friend

Some nail fanatics chose to magically grow their nails in minutes with the use of acrylic tips/extensions. This technique allows users to instantly achieve the look of longer nails without actually having to grow any. They can even withstand the roughest of users with little to no visual damage for several weeks. Just remember, that constant use of products such as gel, silk or acrylic can cause your nails to become weak and damaged over time. It’s suggested that you take a break every few months to let your nails breathe and recuperate.

Nude Nail Polish

As a model, you’re best working colors should always be in the realm of nude or natural colors. You never want your nail polish to distract the client, audience, or photographers. Simple, short, and clean nails show your level of professionalism. As a model, you should think ahead and always show up for a casting or booked job fully prepared. You never want the client to tell you to take your nail polish off because it’s unappropriated for work. Save all the super fun and crazy stuff for when you’re off the clock.


Nail polish is available in just about every corner of the globe, and while some products are better than others, they all give you the freedom to express yourself with the stroke of a brush. So have a little fun and don’t be afraid to try a new color or a design to shake things up a bit!

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