VIDEO: Germany-Champions of World Cup 2014

Champions of the FIFA World Cup 2014: Germany

There was a lot of dispute over whether or not the German international team would overcome the home advantaged Argentinian side before going into the final match of the World Cup 2014. Despite the odds, the German side scored the World Cup winning goal on the 113th minute scored by Mario Gotze and have lifted the FIFA World Cup Trophy — and won the team’s fourth World Cup since 1990.

The battle between Germany and Argentina was a very competitive game, as the game had to be taken into extra to have one side make a crucial mistake for a goal to be scored.

The Argentinian side looked as if it was more in control in the beginning of the game as the Argentinian players were cutting off all the plays made by the German team, and striking back with  counter attacks. Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain were given perfect chances to score the game winner with the mistakes of the German defenders but Messi and Higuain missed chances. As the game went on, Germany took its chances to attack Argentina’s defense several times, and the game kept going back and forth.

When the game went into extra time, players looked exhausted from the heat of the Brazilian weather and also from running the pitch for over 100 minutes (Full-time plus extra time usually ends at around 120 minutes or two hours). By extra time it was like watching a boxing match where both players were just swinging their fists hoping to land a punch that will end the game.

The goal was beautifully delivered by a fellow up-and-coming player Andre Schurrle.

Finally on the 113th minute, a goal that everyone had been waiting for was scored by Gotze. The goal was beautifully delivered by a fellow up-and-coming player Andre Schurrle. Schurrle skillfully swerved pass the Argentinian defenders towards the left corner, floated a perfect cross over to Gotze who was in the middle of the penalty box, and Gotze trapped the ball with his chest and aimed at the bottom right corner of the Argentinian goal with his left foot.

The Argentinian side tried to fight back as much as it could, but it was already too late and when the final whistle was blown, it was the German side jumping with joy and the Argentinian side on their knees in disbelief and disappointment.

The German players were visited by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel

After the match was over, German players were given the prize and lifted the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Although many people will lift their thumbs up to German players and praise them for what they have done, we must not forget that Argentina also fought very well, not forget that it is the runner-up team and we must appreciate and also praise the Argentinian side.

Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup, and also big thanks to both Germany and Argentina for showing us a great match to wrap up the World Cup 2014 tournament.


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