East Meets West Fusion Wedding

  • Multicultural Ghanaian and Loatian Wedding

    Photography: Rachel May Photography

    • Rachel May Photography 52613 418

      Anou and his bride Siobahn met in Japan and married in the U.S.  They celebrated their multicultural heritage with a  Buddhist, Loation ceremony complete with an Irish blessing and traditional Ghanaian dress for the bridal party.
      Click here to get the full details for these amazingly multicultural nuptials from Munaluchi Bridal.

      Rachel-May-Photography-52613-314        Rachel-May-Photography-52613-462                        Rachel-May-Photography-52613-1398 Rachel-May-Photography-52613-1402  Rachel-May-Photography-52613-1547    Anou Siobhan Married-The Lovely Couple-0927

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  1. I love the idea of a cross-cultural wedding! The meeting of the East and the West for love, ah it’s just so cute! These pictures are phenomenal (his shoes made me smile). Looks like they had a beautiful day! Good luck to the both of them!

  2. I agree with the above comment that that shot of his shoes is really cool and stands out in this piece! Her dress is stunning too, and you can really tell that they love each other.

  3. What a beautiful couple! I love seeing people not put their differences aside but instead celebrate them! I also want those shoes.

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