Children’s well-being and the importance of cultural diversity

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Diversity, is an issue that comes up among all types or families and their children. Although it can be both a struggle, it can also be an important aspect for growth.

“When children do not fully understand what diversity is at a young age, it can cause tough interactions as well as confusion” stated professionals of Kids Matter Mental Health Institute.

The question of whether diversity is something to be valued or something that is looked down upon often comes up in children of all ages who come form diverse backgrounds or diverse families.

Studies show that when diversity is respected and valued from a young age, children are more likely to create a sense of belonging to their social connection and their community. Support and positive relationships are key aspects to making a child feel more secure with their differences and are more accepting of their surroundings and others.

While diversity may be a hard thing for some individuals to accept, studies also show that diversity is a very positive aspect in young lives and makes a child more well-rounded and have a better understanding of the world. According to Kids Matter Mental Health Institute, talking about diversity and integrating it to everyday life makes a child accepting and proud of who they are, and enables them to embrace not only their own diversity but also the diversity of all those around them.

“In society today, most people view diversity as a good thing because it gives people the chance to experience different things outside of what they are normally accustomed to.”

Teen Ink states that lack of diversity causes stereotyping, mistrust and could lead to bullying. People who are viewed as different from the rest of the crowd, without an understanding of that individual’s background, may lead to him or her being singled out and ridiculed.

Ways to integrate diversity into everyday life, according to early learning experts at Hatch, include learning through games, music and play, as well as engaging in activities that represent home cultures, and teaching different concepts and attitudes about diversity in all different types of people.

Diversity in youth brings a greater understanding by individuals as they grow up and experience diversity in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace has many benefits since most large companies are becoming more globalized and there is a need to interact and connect with a lot of different cultures and with people of many different backgrounds. If a person is raised with a better understanding of diversity and its benefits, they will not only more easily assimilate into the work environment, but also be a stronger contributor to the company and in turn, to society in general.

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