Priyonka Chopra: Life advocacy and influence part one

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Growing up as a third culture kid (TCK) enhances one’s cultural awareness, in addition to providing one with unique experiences and opportunities. A TCK is a person who is raised in a culture other than their parents, an example being Priyanka Chopra. Being an accomplished actress and model as well as winner of 2000’s Miss World pageant, her unique upbringing has given her the tools necessary for success. She has used her platform to influence people in a positive way. Her hard work and dedication shows that changing your outlook on life can potentially lead to exciting new endeavors and experiences.

In a recent interview with Fatima Karan form Bloomburg Television in India, Chopra explained that dedication and hard work is the key to achieving your goals. Taking steps to further one’s self, is something that Chopra has been an advocate for since the start of her successful career.

Laura Billington, a TCK at Colorado State University, stated, “Priyonka Chopra has made an influence on my life knowing that she grew up in all parts of the world like myself, and is using her life to make a difference in others. This is very inspiring and moves me to make steps in my life to help others like Priyonka Chopra has.” Being able to relate her childhood with Chopra’s has helped her when growing and learning about herself. It has further inspired her to have a positive impact on others, aiming for a career in advocating for a healthy mindset.

Through her philanthropy, Priyonka Chopra has sent out to change the world into a better place. As a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, she supports equality in the broadest of senses, whether that be women’s rights, gay rights, or education rights among children. Something as simple as changing your mentality to be less judgmental and more open minded can make such a large impact. By encouraging this change, Chopra has made a difference in the lives of the people around her. A little amount of positivity and hope can go a long way in the harsh reality of the world we live in today. In the next segment, learn more about how Chopra has further influenced the people around her to aim for a greater life purpose.

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