Meet Daphne: Yuujou surprises finalists for trip around the world (Part 4 of 10)

Yuujou grew from a simple idea: a circle of friendship strong enough to carry a group of travelers around the world. Sisters and storytellers Corinne and Yvonne Eisenring partnered with Oliver Herren, a Swiss internet pioneer, to bring this vision to life. On April 11, six travelers will embark on a 100-day journey with that vision as their sole itinerary. The journey begins with all six in Berlin, Germany, then splits into two teams of three, one heading east and one heading west, meeting each other 100 days later in Tokyo, Japan. Along the way, teams must stay with a friend of their previous host, moving from friend to friend across the globe. There are no prizes, no ads, no scripts, just the expectation that each traveler will creatively document their experiences of human connection along the way.

After receiving over 30,000 applications, Yuujou has narrowed the pool down to ten finalists. Culturs brings you a look at Yvonne Eisenring’s surprise visit to each finalist in this 10-part series.

Finalist #4

Yuujou finalist, Daphne, celebrates her sister’s birthday with a Wakanda-themed party. Photo courtesy of Yuujou.

Daphne is a violin player from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In her free time, she enjoys a variety of creative pursuits including painting, singing and dancing, cherishing, above all, the bonds these activities build between friends and family. These relationships have been invaluable to Daphne throughout her life and she hopes Yuujou will give her the opportunity to connect with people around the world in the same way. After traversing a divorce and moving back in with her parents, Daphne struggled to overcome feelings of shame and insecurity. The support she received for her Yuujou application reassured her that “I still have people around me that still love me despite it all,” she said. She described this process as “an experience that helped me grow,” and believes Yuujou will help her continue down that path, providing a clean slate to move forward from. Daphne believes an experiment like Yuujou has the power to restore faith in humanity, not only for her, but for everyone following their journey.

“I want to go on the Yuujou journey and show the world that we can all experience [friendship] if we just take a chance on a stranger.”

Watch Eisenring surprise Daphne in Port-au-Prince:

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