Jackie Chan and his Success Built on Commitment and Love for His Heritage

Jackie Chan in Kuala Lumpur for a Press conference. Dec,16,2012. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

 Jackie Chan is one very many famous immigrants to come to the United States in hopes of success and acceptance while staying true to his culture. 


Jackie Chan was born in Chan Kong-sang, Hong Kong. Raised by parents who were refugees in the Chinese Civil War. During his childhood his father worked as a cook. While his mother worked as a housekeeper in the servants quarter of the French Embassy. Money was a very big issue for his family. Even so that when Jackie Chan was born ,after spending 12 months in his mothers womb. They didn’t have enough money to pay for his birth. They asked if the doctor would buy him. Obviously the doctor declined. Benefiting millions of fans because Chan then started to appear in small roles. When he was only five years old he began his journey to success.

The Beginning of the Legend Jackie Chan

It was mainly Chan’s father who saw something in his son’s energetic qualities. With the nickname “Pao Pao” which is Chinese for cannonball. Chan’s father decided to wake Chan up early every morning for kung fu lessons. This lasted all the way up until Chan started taking professional kung fu lessons from his master Yu Jim- Yuen. In progressing his kung fu skills Chan later joined his schools “Seven Little Fortunes” performance group. Leading to their group casted as extras in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee. Chan, beginning to grow a lot of success in Hong Kong he started his fame across Asia. However, when he immigrated to the United States he really started to make history. 

Staying True to Immigrants

In 1985 that is when Chan really got the recognition from Hollywood that he has been searching for. Not only did he take America by storm but he stayed true to his Chinese heritage. Not only did this aid his success but it also really made his audience appreciate him as a person. And where he comes from. Chan has really achieved success for who he is as a comedian and martial arts master. Not solely based upon an ability to become accustomed to the American culture but staying true to other immigrants. While filming in American movies Chan still has his Chinese citizenship. He lives in Hong Kong when he is not filming. When receiving an honorary award at the 2016 governors awards Chan states “ I want to thank you Hong Kong. Incredible city, my hometown, my hood. Who made me, China my country. I am proud to be Chinese.” 

Jackie Chan receives an Honorary Award at the 2016 Governors Awards
Nov.13, 2016

Staying True to China

In an interview with a great fan of Jackie Chan, Brianna Ross. She states “ it is really refreshing seeing someone like Jackie Chan. Who came to America knowing who he is and wanting to share his culture with the world. Hollywood immigrants/actors are always under pressure. Pressured in becoming something that they are not for our benefit, but not Jackie Chan.”

Jackie chan talking about Chinese and American culture. July, 14, 2019.

Jackie Chan will continue to make American films in the future while staying true to himself. Chan plans to broaden his horizons with his acting by staring in different genre. He will stay true to his culture. But he plans on breaking through the confining walls of being just a funny martial arts guy.

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