Negra Como Soy: Encanto – Disney’s Best (VIDEO)

Negra Como Soy: Encanto - Disney's Best
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In this episode, Doni and Dr. Rhonda had so much fun discussing the Disney movie “Encanto” with Glitter Explorer Romita Bulchandani, a nine-year Disney veteran.

Doni, Rhonda and Romita bring the energy as they discuss culture, family dynamics, expectations and self actualization in this must-experience episode.

“I wasn’t expecting mental health to be a feature or kind of the main event of Encanto,” Romita says.

“The villain [in Encanto] was in our minds, our perceptions, and I just wasn’t prepared for that type of storyline coming from Disney, but I am so proud of them for putting out this movie.”

Here you have a movie that represents Colombia in such a magical, beautiful way.

Focused in Colombia, South America, Encanto offers so much to review, enjoy and ponder.

Click below to watch the interview on XOTV.me!

Negra Como Soy: Encanto -- Disney
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