Paris’ Up and Coming Pop Music Sensation: Melody Prochet


Paris-based Melody Prochet’s musical career began in classical music, but her recent endeavors into the field of pop music have proved to be quite successful.

With her 2012 self-titled release, Melody’s Echo Chamber burst onto the scene in stellar fashion. Prochet went to Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker for help producing the album. Prochet knew Kevin Parker after joining Tame Impala for the European leg of their tour in 2010.

Prochet claims she tends to write music “with pretty chords and arpeggios” and enlisted Parker to come in and “destroy everything”. Although Parker brought in his own influences, Prochet claims that he never strayed from the sound in her head.

Melody3Combining her clean and pure sound with Parker’s tendencies for fuzzed out rock and roll produced what Prochet called her “dream sound”. Her debut album contains psychedelic swirls, various instrumentation, the feeling of massive space and Prochet’s delicate vocals.

Prochet recorded her debut album in both France and Australia. She recorded in her late grandmothers house in the south of France, which she grew up in. Recording outside of studio’s and in more personal locations brought more emotion into the recordings according to Prochet.

In Australia, Prochet recorded with Kevin Parker in his home studio. Travelling opened up all sorts of new influences for Prochet, from seeing the night sky in a different perspective to the new kinds of people she met in her travels.Melody

Most of Melody’s Echo Chambers songs are sung in English. Prochet claims that she writes most often, and finds it easier to write in English. This is due not only to her influences, but also the difficulty it takes to write a song in French. In Prochet’s words, “I felt I wasn’t good enough to write. They are all amazing poets. You need to be really good when you write in French. Its not like English where you can sing less seriously. In French it sounds really serious really fast and I didn’t want that.” It wasn’t until Prochet moved to Perth to record that she began writing songs in French.

While Melody’s Echo Chamber was predominately in English, Prochet hinted that she would like to make her next album Shirim more half-and-half. Shirim does not have a specified release date but ha been rumored to be released in spring of 2015, which means it could be coming out any day. After releasing such a well-received debut album, it is hard to believe that Prochet won’t deliver another masterpiece.

Melody’s Echo Chamber is set to tour Europe this Summer, and with her album slated for release any day, Prochet is looking at a busy year.

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