Series: Part II of III – Central & South American Immigrant Tsunami – Is Miami at the tipping point?

Photo Credit Miami Herald Protestors outside the Immigration building

South Florida is home to many cultures. Many Central American and South American families sacrifice leaving everything behind in search of a better future in United States. Death is many times a possibility when this risky journey is steered. Often described as the “Gateway” to Latin America. Miami is number one for most born foreign residents. Miami is famous for its Cuban and Colombian population.

            However, these open doors to the immigrants has sparked countless controversy within the Miami community. According to the U.S Census only 43 percent of the immigrants in Miami will ever become citizens. In addition, 17 percent of Floridians over the age of 5 do not speak English. Americans living in Miami are arguing that the city doesn’t have enough resources to accommodate the current and incoming immigrants.


“ How much longer are we going to keep accepting all these immigrants when U.S. Citizens barely have enough accommodation for ourselves” (Steven, Coral Gables Spokesman).


Since Miami represents the main magnet for immigrants because of the Latin culture and weather children are starting to suffer an impact. Miami Dade County addressed an issue that schools are starting to be over populated. Classrooms are short on desks, chairs, and even the teaching staff’s is reaching a salary cap.

Photo Credit Tom Spader
Photo Credit Tom Spader

“We have received over 300 students from Honduras just last week” (Alberto Caravalho, Dade County Superintendent)


These extremely large migration families forthcoming to Miami could possibly experience the lack of opportunity. Daily jobs and schools are getting filled with “Latinos” and the city is not getting bigger. If Florida continues to grow rapidly the U.S Census predict an increase of 30 percent of immigrant per decade. Furthermore, a study shows that traffic has increased intensely due to the overpopulation of cars on the roads at once. Crime has also been reported to have increase over the last decade.


All these factors are being discussed in the Floridian congress as to a policy change for immigration. However, thousands of family seeks to come to the United States in search of equal opportunities.


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