Series: Part I of III – Central & South American Immigrant Tsunami – Can it be an Economic advantage?

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Immigration has always been an issue throughout the United States. Over the past quarter of a century the United States population has increased faster then the industrialized nation. Daily, new immigrants are migrating to the United States daily in search of a better life and more opportunities. According to the U.S Census the majority of immigrants are migrating from Central America and South America. Over the past decade authorities have had difficulties controlling the border connecting with the country of Mexico.

Immigrants usually settle in regions were they could blend in with the population. For example, Texas and California has an outsized number of Mexican immigrants. Likewise, Florida has also received a large population of predominately Cubans and Colombians. Although, immigrants are not legally allowed in the United States they come to seek success and establish businesses and work for a low cost wage.

According to the Census Bureau’s, it is projected that the population of new incoming immigrants by the year 2020 will reach a total of 323 million immigrants. This 70 percent growth can be a major dilemma for the United States. Controversy has overwhelmed congress with Americans petitioning that eventually U.S citizens will be in competition with immigrants for jobs and limited resources, such as food, gas, water, and other utilities. However, in their defense immigrants are claiming that Americans don’t like doing hard labor work so therefore both parties could benefit from it.

Photo Credit by The Herald
Photo Credit  The Herald

Throughout the nation history immigrants have always been a constant economic source because of their low cost of labor. In addition, immigrants are also taxpayers and job creators that allow growth in the economy. Immigration new reforms and policies have constraint numerous incoming immigrants into the United States. U.S border Patrol and Homeland security is more secured than ever now. The government is trying to restore faith for immigrants and come to an agreement with Americans in order to supercharge economic benefits from immigrants and provide them with a better future.

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 16: Homeland Security Police
CHICAGO, IL – MAY 16: Homeland Security Police

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