The Business of USED!

Resale, consignment, recycle, green-whatever you prefer–is all the rage right now.

For some it is an acquired taste. Many are shy to the idea. Most take the plunge and are hooked. Young, old, kids, men…almost everyone wants to look great for a great price.

Many can’t stand the repeativeness of the chain stores and shopping malls. Its the overwhelming feeling of an endless sea of the same thing. High prices add to the dread and discomfort. On the other hand, used clothing is a concept many find hard to wrap their heads around. Keep in mind the most innovative stylists have used this idea as a viable resource to create looks for stars as well as the everyday stylish man/woman about town. Making statements with one of a kind, as well as, core pieces that have long gone from the store is an art!

Finding a good {resale shop} that suits your taste and needs may take a fashion Safari.

There are a plethera of “resale” shops now.

Finding a good one that suits your taste and needs may take a fashion Safari. “Thrill “in the hunt comes to mind. Most cities have a guide, if not a rating system online. This will give you a guild for where to start to hunt. Once you have one or two Favorites…make friends. These types of stores are filled with one-of-a-kind items that move fast. Now it is time to put the right spin on your creation, and that can make the difference between dressed and well-dressed.

If your aim is to not blend in with the crowd and want to look as individual as you are….Resale might be right for you. Choices are great in life, and this is just another one to discover. Start slow and show a sales person a few images from magazines and other places….ask them to help you. Take a peice or two from your closet and ask them to “funk it up”or add a polish to it. Be it classic, urban, club, or an estate look…whatever you prefer. Recreating is the aim. Having fun is the key!

Fashionable Yours,


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