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“I’m on a BIG mission to help military, expatriate and other globally mobile people around the world have easy access to experts and resources to help transition from feelings of loss & overwhelm to flourishing in the life they dream of and deserve!

Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC

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Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC  & Land On Your Feet, LLC


Global Nomadic Leaders: Succeeding in a World Without Borders

Katrina Burrus offers leadership development programs that generate action, learning and change. These coaching programs heighten the client’s performance and productivity to achieve bottom-line results while finding more fulfillment in what the leader does and contributes.

Hear about her research on Global Nomad Leaders, their leadership challenges and some of the pragmatic tools she uses to accelerate a leader’s integration into a new role, with new responsibilities, and/or within a new cultural context.

Her research-based approach allows a customized coaching methodology to meet the leader’s specific needs.  This methodology and customized research uproots the seeds of the leader’s potential derailment and stunts any negative perception of the leader while helping the leader to leverage his/her strengths.

Katrina Burrus, Ph.D., MCC
Author & Keynote Speaker
International Executive Coach
Founder of MKB Conseil  & Coaching

Click here to listen to this illuminating  interview on Global Nomadic Leadership success!

Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC, has over 17 years experience in coaching global leaders in multinational organizations such as Nestle, Novartis, CERN, UNAIDS, the United Nations, Lloyds Bank, Orange Telecommunication, Beckman & Coulter, Philip Morris, Cargill, Saatchi & Saatchi etc. Her coaching work spans over Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. She is recognized for her distinctive expertise with leaders and teams from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

As the founder and CEO of MKB Conseil & Coaching, Katrina Burrus is affiliated with a network of international experts and scholar-practitioners. Her firm specializes in coaching global and highly mobile leaders that she names Global Nomadic Leaders, high potentials, and brilliant and abrasive leaders. She is conducting research on Global Nomadic Leaders and how best to help abrasive leaders develop their interpersonal intelligence so that stress and ineffectiveness at the workplace is eliminated.

A frequent keynote speaker, Katrina also teaches postgraduate courses at various universities, and facilitates workshops on topics such as coaching global nomadic leaders, accelerating a successful integration into a new role, and coaching brilliant and abrasive leaders. She was the first ICF (International Coach Federation) Master Certified Coach (MCC) in Switzerland. She is the founder and a past board member of ICF Switzerland and served on the editorial board of the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations. After numerous published articles, she is the author of the book, “Global Nomadic Leaders: How to Identify, Attract and Retain Them” and her latest book is called, When the Visionary Leaders are Blinded: Coaching Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders.

Katrina will discuss her work on:

  • Coaching Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders to be More Interpersonally Competent
  • Coaching Global Nomadic Leaders to Succeed Across Borders and Feel Grounded
  • Global and highly mobile leaders that want to  leverage their unique attributes,
  • Coaching Leaders and Talents to Transition into a New Position Productively and Successfully

You’ll love meeting Katrina and joining this powerful conversation about her experiences coaching global leaders in multinational organizations and serving as a catalyst for leaders to achieving their goals using an  on-boarding program to help them transition faster and more productively into their new position.

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