The Destinations Podcast with Doni Aldine: Seeking and Getting ‘Clarity’ In One’s Life and Career (VIDEO)

The Destinations Podcast with Doni Aldine: Seeking and Getting 'Clarity' In One's Life and Career

This episode of the Destinations Podcast with Doni Aldine features Culturs columnist and contributor Andrea Bazoin, who looks at “Clarity,” and how someone who comes from a liminal world, a cross-cultural world, the cultural in-between, might have to think through things like, “Where am I going?” “What do I want to do?” with my career, life, etc.

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  1. Since delving into Culturs, I’ve come to appreciate the incredible diversity within our world, even within our own immediate circles. It’s a realization of how much we don’t know due to a lack of exposure and awareness, despite living alongside individuals from various backgrounds. We often cocoon ourselves in our own experiences, with limited perspective.
    Reflecting on my own life, I recognize my Jewish and gay identity, as well as my South African heritage, and being married to a Scottish spouse. The current events unfolding in Israel and among Jewish communities worldwide evoke a deep sense of fear and segregation, although these feelings are not new. Throughout history, Jews have endured hatred and discrimination, and recent events only exacerbate these tensions.
    Despite these challenges, we remain resilient and adaptable. Rather than merely coexisting, I aspire to truly belong. Within my personal relationship, we embrace our shared values and differences, intertwining aspects of Judaism, Christianity, and the celebration of various holidays into our lives.
    Living in South Africa, a country marked by both diversity and exclusivity, I’m acutely aware of the ongoing presence of racism. However, by inviting friends from diverse backgrounds—Italian, Israeli, Indian, Portuguese—into our lives, we broaden our perspectives and appreciation for different cultures. We delight in cuisines from around the world, most specifically, Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Scottish, and Israeli.
    Through my exposure to Culturs, I’ve become more conscious of factors that previously escaped my attention. It serves as a reminder to continuously seek understanding and appreciation for the richness of human experience and diversity. We are all mere fibres in a tapestry that should harmoniously live together.

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