Women’s International Month: TCK Women of Colorado


Two Women of Colorado, Morgan Almazan and Anjali Gopinath, are incredible TCK women who have traveled and lived somewhere other than their hometown. They have traveled across the pond to finish college in India and work for the Navy Corps in Afghanistan and Japan. This video is honor of Women’s International Month who can do whatever they put their minds to no matter what race, ethnicity, religious, or sexual views are. This is for the ladies!

Morgan Almazan is from Arvada, Colorado and graduate from Ralston Valley High School. After graduation, she pursued her dream of being recruited into the Navy and she is currently a corporal in the Marine Corps. What makes Morgan a TCK is that she has lived in Afghanistan and Japan defending not only the United States, but her home state of Colorado as well. She travels occasionally back to Colorado to visit everyone she loves and will always call the mile-high state her home.

Anjali Gopinath is also from Arvada, Colorado and a graduate from Ralston Valley High School. She moved across the Atlantic to continue her studies in India in the College of Engineering at Anna University. She is a TCK women because she is originally from Chennai, India and has traveled back and forth from both places. She has struggled with discovering which places feel more like home, but believes that Colorado will always have a bigger place in her heart.

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