Culture and community of music festivals

Music festivals attract people from all different cultures, from all around the world. However, once at the music festival, culture barriers seem to be eliminated and everyone comes together and creates this new culture. This culture inside of music festivals is one in which everybody is accepted for who they are. There are no judgments, and everybody is loved no matter what culture they are from. There is a sense of community different from that of the outside world. This community has a whole new set of rules, norms, spiritual rituals etc. Rituals would include the pure concept of spreading peace and love at these festivals. The language of the music festival culture is the music. No matter the culture, everybody can understand music. More importantly, music is correlated with positive emotions and this is why the music festival culture creates such a feeling of happiness.


Will Royall, Executive producer of Backwoods music festival says that Music festivals create a cultural community based on love, peace and respect for each other and the environment.

“Music Festivals create a cultural community based on love, peace, respect for each other and the environment. Those involved celebrate life through music and art. Self expression and the chance to dress the way you want, interact and share with others, and meet incredibly nice people. People have walked away with life long friends from states away only to reunite at another festival across the country. For me, as a producer of Backwoods Music Festival, the reward comes in the form of the gracious thank yours I receive time and time again for organizing the event. Some have gone as far as saying “this festival saved my life” or “this event changed my life forever”. While each event means something different to every attendee, there is one thing in common regardless of race, culture or background; A shared love for each other, the environment, art, and music.”

Backwoods Music Festival:http://backwoodsmusicfestival.com


Tomorrowland Music festival thinks that Music unites people.

“One of our biggest values is Unity! We believe that music unites people.”

Tomorrowland: http://www.tomorrowland.com/global-splash/






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