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Copyright 2017 Photo by Olive Ancell
Photo by Olive Ancell Copyright 2017

“Growing up in a biracial home, with a black father and a Hispanic mother, I truly got the best of both worlds being raised in two different cultural lifestyles,” says Dominic Reed, an up-and-coming rapper from the Denver area. “But one thing was always common: music was always playing in both households.”

Dominic Reed, also known as Dom, is a 22-year-old grinding to make a name for himself, in hopes to touch the lives of humanity. Reed says he grew up listening to what his parents exposed him to; from his mother, Bob Marley, Paula Abdul, Garth Brooks, Carlos Santana and 50 Cent. His father exposed him to the roots of hip hop, with exposure from 2Pac, Biggie, and Nas, to Kirk Franklin, The Temptations, and Sam Cooke.

“My parents were not always onboard with my decision,” Reed explained, as he decided to drop-out of college to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. “They wanted me to get a degree and a job, but they eventually hopped on board with my mission.”

Now, however, Reed’s most influential inspiration is J Cole, as an epiphany during one of his concerts led Reed to his ultimate discovery.

Photo by Olive Ancell Copyright 2017

“It was my first concert, and he spoke on a level that made me realize exactly what I was meant to do,” explains Reed. “He said something that spoke to me, which was that we all started from the same spot. He was standing exactly where I was at one point, and that gave me hope”

About a week later, he began writing poetry and asking his brother, Harlequin Dawson, to show him the ropes of making beats and recording. They began collaborating on music, and Reed took what he had learned up to the Denver area.

Reed began working full-time in order to afford studio sessions to make his dream come to life. During that time, he spent countless hours of personal free time researching big-name artists’ music tactics, and writing rhymes that portrayed his experiences and perceptions.

Reed believes his music stands out because of his diverse background.

“Growing up as a mixed kid in Colorado Springs, a military town, it was just one big melting pot,” says Reed.  “I have friends from many different backgrounds, and I am blessed to live in such a diverse community.”

Not only does Reed’s background influence the music he creates, but also the vision of his world and what he hopes to inspire in others.

“With the life I’ve been given, I aim to bring people together specifically through music,” Reed says. “We can all bond through struggle, pain, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, etc., regardless of your background. Today it seems the world is so bleak, so black and white. I’m just trying to bring some color into the world.”

Copyright 2017 Photo by Olive Ancell

Dominic Reed has released two mixtapes, Reed Between the Lines and RanDOM Thoughts. He has also performed in 4 shows, and has been crowned the winner of the Denver Showcase Tour concert series and competition. His music can be found at https://soundcloud.com/dominicreed.

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