World Cup for Beginners: D-36

World Cup Muslim player: Dutch striker Robin Van Persie

Although there are many people who are passionately counting down days until the World Cup to start, there are also many people who have no clue what the World Cup is and what sports it is.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil logo

FIFA World Cup, or more commonly known as World Cup, is an international football competition contested by all national teams of the members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The competition is held every four years and the location of the competition changes every four years as well. This year the World Cup will hold its 20th World Cup Tournament in Brazil, a nation known for its festive cultures and its passion for football. Thirty two teams will compete for the championship and the team lists are Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon, Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia, Colombia, Greece, Côte D’Ivoire, Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy, Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria, Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA, Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and Korea Republic.

Here are some “Must-watch matches” for World Cup beginners, so that you don’t have to sit around the whole 90 minutes of a boring match, yet you can enjoy every single minute of the match by taking a look at these “Must-watch matches”


Brazil vs. Croatia

Brazil vs. Croatia (12 June, 2014)

This will be the kick off to the World Cup Brazil 2014. The match will be held at Sao Paolo and grand opening showpiece event will be held before the match. The Croatians are a known for being the dark horse team in the history of World Cup, so it will be entertaining to watch the Brazilian host defend their reputation for being the most entertaining and most World Cup winning team.

Spain vs. Netherlands

Spain vs. Netherlands (13 June, 2014)

The match-up between Spain and Netherlands is a rematch of the 2010 World Cup finals on the second day of the tournament. On their last match-up in 2010 World Cup South Africa finals the Spanish team won the World Cup championship, but it looks like the Netherlands is ready for revenge this time.

England vs. Italy

England vs. Italy (14 June, 2014)

England and Italy are known for having one of the most competitive and rich club teams in its own country, and it is one of the contestants for the championship. This year the Italians have a big shot with their obnoxiously feisty striker Mario Balotelli along with many young talents, and the English team also has a shot with its once hot headed but now mature Wayne Rooney along with many young talents as well.

Germany vs. Portugal

Germany vs. Portugal (16 June, 2014)

Out of all the groups that will be competing, there is one group stage that outstands the most, Group G. Many people call Group G as the “Group of Death,” because the group is made up of Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and USA. Germany is not only the favorite to top Group G and win the championship, but it has  also won the World Cup three times. Portugal, on the other hand, is a team that you should never look down on, as they have the FIFA Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo, and Portugal does not look like it will let Germany take it easy on them.

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