Period Love- Rites of Passage & The Magic of Femininity.

The Moon in You: A Book for Girls.


Born and raised in Canada, cross-cultural, multiracial Alexandria King is author of “The Moon In You: A Period Book for Girls.” She is a mother and new age teacher supporting women and girls to look at their bodies with a healing perspective. Her intention is to shed light on what was once dark and illuminate what is beautiful about girls’ and womens’ bodies.

“I’m here to start the puberty talk with your daughter in a loving way, so you can fully support and connect with her without the weirdness,” she says. “

“For years, I worked through my own trauma, listening to my guidance and intuition, knowing that if I could deconstruct it for myself, my daughter wouldn’t have to. I saw that energy was locked up inside of me from a lack of education, abuse as a child and untrue stories told to me about what it means to be a woman. So, when I finished writing this book, my daughter Giselle was the one to illustrate it, our family healing complete.

(L to R) Illustrator Giselle Vriesen and Author Alexandria King

Your period is nature; beautiful, inspiring, natural. Reading this book will help uncover how periods have been kept in the dark, and by the end, you will find yourself closer to feeling The Moon In You. You will go on a journey that happens inside of you, a story that unfolds as you realize — your period is a rite of passage.”

For girls age eight to 12; $21 at LittleRedsLibrary.com


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