by Shanthi Yogini

What does it mean to take charge of your life?

To answer this, ask yourself a simple question – What is the driving force for all your activities? Why do you do all that you are doing in life? Whether you buy a home or sell it, whether you join a job or leave it, whether you enter into a relationship or break it, or whether it is simply deciding where to go for dinner, what do you want as the end result from those activities? You may use terms like satisfaction, feeling good, joy, or peace, but let us call it happiness. So, the driving force for everything you do in life is happiness. Thus, taking charge of your life means taking charge of your happiness. Yet, most of us don’t experience happiness ALL the time. Is it possible to have lasting happiness that always stays; that doesn’t merely come and go? Yes, it is possible! Let us learn the art of being happy using the R.E.S.T. Method. Through this method, you can experience rest for the rest of your life. R.E.S.T. is an acronym that stands for:





Let us explore it a bit.

To take complete charge of your life, take charge of your mind. You then can achieve life mastery.

Recognize the nature of your happiness.

Happiness springs forth only when your heart is filled with peace. A restless mind can never experience happiness. Restlessness of the mind leads to suffering or hell. Quieting the mind leads to happiness or heaven. So, life mastery means learning how to keep your mind calm, because, your mind is like a monkey. It can’t stay in one place. It wanders constantly. Whenever it goes off-balance, one must know how to get it back to a peaceful state. The process to keep your mind calm, though simple, is not easy. Yet, this task has to become the number one priority in your life.

Seek the right resource for education.

Many people claim themselves to be Yoga-teachers and even have a certification to prove it. Yet, very few people understand what Yoga-Shaastram is and how to live a Yoga-way of-life. Only those that understand this science in depth can help you live a life of peace and fulfillment. Others can only instruct you in physical fitness. Therefore, it is very important to do diligent research and identify the right source for your further education and training. How does one identify the right teacher?

Educate yourself on Yoga-Shaastram.

A science that makes it easy to keep your mind calm is called Yoga-science. In the ancient language of Samskrtam, it is called Yoga-Shaastram. The word Shaastram indicates Science. YogaH (Yoga) indicates a mental state. It is a state of peace without any conflict to disturb it; a state of fulfillment and fullness. YogaH is NOT fitness exercises, as is misrepresented today. This fitness misappropriation reduces an exalted science to a mere physical one. Because YogaH is about peace and fulfillment, Yoga-Shaastram is a way of life and impacts all aspects of your life.

Train yourself in two-minute Yoga-Practices.

After educating yourself on YogaShaastram, and after identifying the right source for education, it is essential to get trained in simple two-Minute practices. You may wonder if it is possible to achieve the peaceful state of YogaH, in just two minutes. It is possible and very practical. Whenever restlessness sets in, you can get your mind to a peaceful state if you have some mastery over your mind.

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