Women’s International Singleness

Let’s face it, the number of single women around the world is on the rise. Single women are delaying marriage to fulfill their careers and personal lives. These women are brave to walk alone. They are brave to not settle for an unhealthy relationship with a man who diminishes rather than enhances their life.

Across the globe, women remain single because they can, because they embrace their self worth.

Single-parent families are also increasing. The statistics don’t lie. Singleness is something that a woman should be proud of until she has the opportunity to be with a man who deserves her heart. Until then, she holds the key.  Check out the infographic above to learn more.

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  1. I find it interesting that the focus of this article is on younger single women. While women may delay marriage for various reasons, other women -often older women – have tried marriage and choose to return to singleness. This is not necessarily a sign of failure, but often reveals more about what a woman has to gain for herself by being single.

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