10 Reasons Why TCKs would most likely win The Amazing Race

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There are perks and downfalls to having grown up among different cultures, sometimes even among several countries.

But for competing on The Amazing Race, all past experiences around the world and among cultures can turn into valuable assets. Here’s why a TCK would have an advantage over other teams on the race, getting them that much closer to the coveted million dollars.

1. They know how to pack effectively and they travel light. Backpacks would carry all the essentials while not being uncomfortably heavy, allowing for those sprints to the mat at the end of the race.

2. There is a chance they know at least one person in the city they visit during each leg of the race.

3. They probably speak multiple languages.

4. They would have zero problems with food challenges, because in traveling so much over the course of their lives they have tried all sorts of foreign and exotic foods.

5. They would DOMINATE booking travel and navigating airports.

6. They have multiple passports, so if they lose one they have a backup and they are not disqualified from the race.

7. They know foreign currencies and can quickly estimate conversion. This means they would wisely handle and administer their money for each leg of the race.

8. They are more likely to know how to drive outside the US, which is useful for mainly two reasons: stick shift and roundabouts.

9. They deal with jet lag like pros.

10. Their partner is probably another TCK.

The new season of The Amazing Race premieres Fri, Sept. 26. Keep an eye out for TCKs in the new teams, and start rooting for them from the get go!

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  1. I love this show and I love this article! I never really thought about the advantage that TCK’s have on the race but they definitely do. The more traveling someone has done, the better odds they have to win the race.

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