Amanda Bates On How To Be Culturally Dimensional (VIDEO)

Amanda Bates On How To Be Culturally Dimensional (VIDEO)

In this fun-filled, information-rich episode, Doni welcomes Amanda Bates — founder of TheBlackExpat.com and host of the Global Chatter Podcast.

Through ubiquitous laughter, they discuss the obvious and not-so-obvious experiences of being culturally dimensional within and outside of both the Third Culture Kid (TCK) and global Black communities.

Some key quotes:

  • “We don’t get our version of ‘Eat Pray Love.’”
  • “We need a platform that showcases and normalizes black people moving abroad for regular reasons.”
  • Black people moving abroad “is part of our heritage, it’s part of our experiences.”

Strap in and prepare for a good ride!

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Check out the video below.


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