Celebrating Mothers Around the World

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Throughout the world, many countries set aside a day to praise and honor the strong, reliable women who raised us: our mothers. While most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, there are many different Mother’s Days around the world. So double check your calendar, and make sure to celebrate your mom on the right day in whatever country you may reside.   

Take a look at the video below to see how college-students across the globe wish their mothers a happy day in their native language!



United Kingdom

Known as Mothering Sunday, mothers are celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK. Mothering Sunday originates from an old tradition where it was important for weekly church goers to return home once a year, and attend a service at their “mother” church. Today, Mothering Sunday is celebrated by children give their mother’s flower, gifts, and make a traditional Simnel Cake.



Celebrated on May 10th, Día de las Madres is colorful and very important holiday in Mexico. Thanks to an editorial about motherhood by journalist, Rafael Alducin, mothers have been officially celebrated in Mexico since 1922. Today in Mexico, the holiday is one of the busiest of the year. Mothers receive flowers, hand-made gifts, are taken out for a meal, and are also serenaded in the morning by mariachi bands singing “Las Mananitas”.



In Ethiopia, mothers don’t receive just one day of celebration, but are celebrated during a three day feast known as Antrosht. The holiday isn’t held on a specific date, but rather Ethiopians wait until the end of the rainy season in October or November to celebrate. For the feast, children bring ingredients for their mother to make a traditional hash. After the feast, women and girls anoint themselves with butter called Niter Kibbeh, and the men sing ritual song about heros.



On August 12, mothers are celebrated on Queen Sirikit’s, the revered mother of Thailand, birthday. Usually on the day before, schools in Thailand hold Mother’s Day ceremonies where children perform a song and dance that they learned. At the end of the ceremony, children kneel at their mother’s feet to pay respect to her, and then give her give her a jasmine flower, the go-to Mother’s Day present in Thailand.



Fête des Méres is celebrated on the last Sunday in May, unless Pentecost falls on that day. France began to celebrate this holiday in the late 19th century to promote motherhood due to the dropping birthrate in France. On the holiday, mothers who have raised several children receive Médaille de la Famille from the French government. Since food is very important to the French culture, they mainly celebrate with large meal that everyone in the family must attend.

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