Clash of the Aces

Clash of the aces'
Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Netherland

The World Cup has finally come to the semifinals and it will be a bloodthirsty clash between Brazil vs. Germany, and Argentina vs. Netherland. This year’s World Cup quarter final is an interesting matchup because coincidentally it is a clash between the two representative aces’ from the continents South America and Europe.

The clash of the aces’ is an interesting clash for football manias in the world for three main reasons. First, the most skilled, famous and trendies players such as Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Thiago Silva, Thomas MÜller are competing in the semifinals. Second, the clash between the continents represents the current best countries/continents in the world right now. Finally, in the history of World Cup there was always a clash between a South American country and a European country, and nine times out of 19 there was a clash between a South American country vs. a European country and interestingly enough Brazil, Germany, Netherland and Argentina were always a part of it.

Football fans all over the world will be desperate to watch the semifinals and looking forward to see which two countries will end up fighting head to head to lift the World Cup and to take the title as the World Cup champions. Will it be the Europe vs. Europe, South America vs. South America, or will it be Europe vs. South America?


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  1. I know the world cup was a while ago but I love it whenever it’s time for the world cup because you can get together with a lot of people and know that you’re basically celebrating a game with the entire world. I think that’s really unifying! Thanks for your thought and I like that you make the highlights of the game easy to understand. 

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