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In the fall, CULTURS founder Doni Luckutt and other CULTURS contributors are lucky enough to be going on a journey of a lifetime to Kenya. I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce one must-see in Kenya as well as a cultural pastime significant to the laid back culture of this African country.

Not only is Kenya made up of rich culture and fascinating people, but beautiful natural areas. The Giraffe Center is located in Nairobi, Kenya, just outside the busy city and surrounded by spans of grassy plains and spotted with Acacia trees.

For a small entrance fee, you are able to enter the feeding center where giraffes will come right up to you and eat right from your hand.

The feeding area at the Giraffe Center in Nairobi.
The feeding area at the Giraffe Center in Nairobi.
Feeding the Giraffes at the Center allowed me to get close with this little guy.
Feeding the Giraffes at the Center allowed me to get close with this little guy.

The Giraffe Center doubles as an education center for Kenyan youth. The center’s education programs promote sustainable environmental conservation and are completely free for all youth.

In Kenya, a very important part of the daily routine is tea time. Tea time in Kenya dates back to British colonization, when everyone would take time out of their day, around three in the afternoon, to relax and spend time with family and guests to drink tea. Chapati is a flat tortilla-like delicacy commonly served with tea or any meal in Kenya.

Kenyan tea is served light and with chapati.
Kenyan tea is served light and with chapati.

Plantations are spread around Kenya and tea production is very common so much so that almost everyone drinks it. Unlike in the U.S., most tea is served white with milk and no sugar. Tea time is a cultural experience and when visiting any Kenyan host, you will surely be offered a warm cup of Kenyan tea.

Kenya is an amazing destination that is has a cultural experience all its own. Beautiful natural areas mixed with busy streets and crowded markets make for a trip full of new experiences that will stay with you forever. Unlike the U.S., Kenyans like to be leisurely in their experiences. One thing I learned from my trip is that Kenyan time keeps to no clock; people enjoy their surroundings, take time for friends and family, and experience everything life has to offer.


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  1. Aw this article made me want to visit Kenya just to experience the hospitality. I wish we had something like ‘tea time’ in America that was something that a whole country participated in. Thanks for the article on this personal account through Kenya!

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