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Interviewing my friend, who is Peruvian, gave me a lot of information on Peruvian traditions. After interviewing her, I knew so much more about the culture.
The languages they speak are English and Spanish. An interesting statement her mother mentioned was, when in Peru, many Peruvians that can speak English, will only speak it inside buildings such as houses, restaurants, etc. When they are outside, they will only speak spanish. This is because there is an assumption, by some, that English speaking Peruvians are from the U.S. and are wealthy, so it is possible to have money, cell phones, wallets etc., stolen.

Pollo ala Brasa

As she told me about the foods she eats, she made me want some. Pollo ala Brasa is a common food her and her family eat. It is chicken with French fries and lettuce on the side, it is traditional. Ceviche is white corn and onions topped over cut fish and a bunch of lemon juice over the meal. There is also a special yellow sauce with lettuce and sweet potatoes one the side. Laying on the top of the meal is a hard boiled egg cut in half, it is also traditional. They also eat Anticuchos which is a cow’s heart. She told me there is a drink called Inca Kola which is like golden soda. Peruvians drink soda often. They also drink milk with brown sugar in it. Most Peruvian people also eat what is called Panettone which is a fruit cake.

Inca Kola

The clothing Peruvians wear is very interesting. In the North part of Puru they wear ponchos with different patterns that mean something special to the family. They also wear a hat called a Chullo.

Traditional Poncho

December 24 is Christmas for them. They stay up until midnight and then they pray to Jesus and say Merry Christmas. On July 28 they celebrate Independence Day. Red and white are the colors of the Peruvian flag. The religion for Peruvians is usually Catholic.

Peruvian Independence Day Celebration

I asked her what her favorite part of her culture was and this is what she said “I like the different foods because not that much people around the world can try these foods.”


Inca Kola, Peru’s National Soda

Pollo a la Brasa



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