DJ Ian Gotler’s Unexpected, Eclectic Groove

Photo: Erin Scabuzzo

Military B.R.A.T. Tommy McMillion is a domestic TCK whose love of music transcends all culture. A music producer, creator and entrepreneur, he has an eye for talent and an ear for musicality.  Here, he shares epic music finds that fit the eclectic nature of the in-between. 

Photo courtesy of Ian Gotler

Ian Gotler co-owns RedShoe, a thriving DJ company in Los Angeles, California, USA. His bread-and-butter may be weddings for superstars like RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, but Ian also happens to be one of the most humble creatives in the entertainment business. He’s the kind of person with whom it’s easy to make an instant connection and who impresses fellow artists with the thoughtfulness that goes into his craft. His humility is only outshined by his eclectic music knowledge and constant drive to “keep his eyes open [for] outside inspiration.”

The 38-year-old began his music career playing the sax, guitar, piano and drums in high school. Today, his love of instrumentation and melody shine through on emotive electronic productions worthy of any upscale London lounge — and he counts such iconic hip-hop artists as Pete Rock, J Dilla, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Timbaland and Rick Rubin among his influences.

While attending Point Blank Music School in London, England, Ian became friends with Tom Wilson (aka Sweatson Klank). Wilson now runs Tone and Manor, a Los Angeles-based record label and music collective. It’s here Ian signed a digital distribution deal in 2018 and has since released several compositions. “Ghost Light” is a smooth electronic track with a well-executed companion video shot in a historic Los Angeles theater. “Flip” is modern funk with a heavy horn section skillfully interwoven with a synth baseline and vocal samples.

Ian’s own production company, Rite Along, is run like a foundation and selects projects based on artistry rather than revenue. The goal is simple: release singles, EPs and albums, and perform live.

A lover of hip-hop, Ian concedes his popular DJ business demands that he follow contemporary pop music. Currently, two of his favorite artists are the Australian singer-songwriter Ry X and the L.A. native and urban music trailblazer Frank Ocean. He says he’d most like to collaborate with the Belgium-based trance record label Bonzai, along with rising pop star Billie Eilish and experimental electronica DJ Kenny Segal (aka Syndakit).

As a producer, Ian appreciates and draws inspiration from all styles of music. His compositions are in a realm of their own and difficult to characterize. “I consider my music to be genreless,” he says. “Just let it be what it is, I guess.”


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