Let’s Try Some Bollywood!

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Lets Try Some Bollywood!

When I hear the word Indians, I think of Native Americans. But I learned that people from India are also Indians.  My Godmother Camilla and her boyfriend Brian, took me to an Indian Festival. The festival was showing The Indian wedding tradition and their culture. It was an amazing experience.

When I got there, I realized that the ladies were dressed much different than I was. They were dressed in pretty dresses with their belly showing. They were beautiful. Some men were wearing long men dresses with what looked like sandals in a way. The dresses had very pretty designs on them. Other men were wearing shirts with designs on them and baggy pants. Some men were wearing hats that looked like a snake curled up. The children were wearing the same things depending on their gender. All of the outfits were very pretty and awesome looking.

6 yard fabric skirt

Looking around the festival, I saw a lady wrapping a six- yard piece of fabric around her waist to create a skirt.  It looked a lot like she was putting on a blanket over her pants. I saw skirts hanging all over the place for sale, along with beautiful jewelry. They were all very pretty.

Beautiful fabric
Beautiful Indian jewelry

The food I ate was very good, I had Indian Basmati Rice, which is a lot like white rice. I also had Chicken Tikka Masala, which was chunks of chicken in light brown sauce. Lastly, I had what was called Saag, which was creamy spinach with goat cheese. The food was amazing, Indians cook with different spices than what I am used to, so after we finished eating, I had a little stomach ache.

There was a lot of dancing going on too! There was Bollywood Dancing and Belly Dancing. I got to see the Bollywood dancing.  The Bollywood Dancing was spectacular, I loved it!



I also got to meet a famous Bollywood Dancer and actress, her name was Madhu. I had no idea at first, but after I was told that I was meeting a celebrity, I felt awesome! I have always wanted to meet someone famous!


There was also Henna, which is a dye that is used to decorate the body. I was going to get Henna on my hand but the line was too long.  I did get a picture of a lady’s hand when she was done with hers. It was very pretty.

Unfortunately, we missed the wedding procession that they demonstrated. They had a cool booth that let people dress up in traditional wedding clothes. Then you could stand in front of a 3D frame and have your photo taken.

Wedding dress up

I saw a wedding table set up with pretty flowers and beautiful accessories such as plates, silverware, cups, and much more.

Wedding table

I had an amazing experience at this festival. I am really glad I went. I got to interview a very nice Indian lady named Kalpana ‘Kal’ Hanumantharao and in my next article I will tell you all the questions I asked her. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the Indian Culture as much as I enjoyed learning about it!


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