On the Lessons Learned From ‘Raising A Family Overseas’

Raising a Family Overseas Paperback | Anna Danforth

If you’re a parent of Third Culture Kids (TCKs), there’s a new book coming out that looks like it has some fresh ideas of how to raise them and help your family.

The cover design for author Anna Danforth’s upcoming book, “Raising A Family Overseas,” was unveiled this week.

According to the book’s synopsis:

There are a lot of unknowns involved with making an international move. “Raising a Family Overseas” answers some of those unknowns by drawing on the real-life experiences of over 100 expat families and the author’s experiences as an expat child and parent. You will gain concrete tools on international travel with children, scheduling your last few weeks at home, making educational choices on the field, moving past fear of new situations, dealing with disillusionment, implementing soft skills in fundraising, ethical image sharing on social media, and creating family connection in the midst of transition. This book was written with your kids in mind. The end goal is for more third-culture kids to experience deep connections with their families and host cultures. The research and data have been compiled for you. All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and dive in!

Raising a Family Overseas Paperback | Anna Danforth
Raising a Family Overseas Paperback | Anna Danforth

Danforth says of her book:

I wrote this book for you from the perspective of a TCK, teacher and expat parent, whose passion is to help families build strong connections with their kids and their host cultures. Over 100 global families share their stories and insight on what works and what doesn’t work in global family life. This is your chance to learn from them and apply the strategies that will work best for your family. I want to give you every opportunity to thrive, not just survice, during your experience abroad.

The paperback and e-book will be available via Amazon on July 11th.

For more info, check out Danforth’s website at www.annadanforth.com.


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