No matter the economic outlook: U.S. Entrepreneurs Thrive

Though political pundits lob accusations back and forth that business startups have slowed and job satisfaction decreased due to the economy, some think otherwise. According to a recent survey, many American workers are loving their jobs much more than two years ago. The survey, conducted by Regus, a global provider of high-end office flex space, also ranks Denver, Colorado, USA,  fifth for increased job satisfaction behind other U.S. cities like Austin, Portland, Chicago and Houston.  In the survey, Denver showed a 68 percent increase in job satisfaction, with participants expressing more positive work environment sentiments than they did two years ago.

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that the economy and jobs continue to be a hot button topic as “Polling overwhelmingly suggests that the economy and jobs will be the two most important issues to voters in the fall elections,” according to global affairs blog The Hill.

But companies like Regus aren’t feeling that pinch.  Sande Golgart, Regional Vice President for Regus, is familiar with Colorado as he played basketball for, and graduated from, the University of Colorado, and now frequently interacts with clients leasing office space and using business services at his company’s local offices.

“In Denver specifically, I don’t see any doom and gloom in the small business sector.  I see large companies offering flex space for their employees and smaller companies that may be more nimble or opportunistic stepping right into that niche [vacated by others].  When I talk to those people, it even catches me off guard, I see people beaming with enthusiasm as they talk.”

Working mom Teresa Wilkins enjoys a thriving law practice with the flexibility of working at home or in-office, based on her specific needs. (Photo Courtesy of the Law Firm of Teresa Wilkins, LLC)
Working mom Teresa Wilkins enjoys a thriving law practice with the flexibility of working at home or in-office, based on her specific needs.

Golgart emphasized that at the core of that exuberance is both opportunity and workers with a vision – workers who are pleased they’re making a difference despite what headlines about the economy may convey.

In a news clip on CBSnews.com, President Obama said “We’ve seen sustained job growth in the private sector for over a year now and I think the key is to recognize that some of the jobs that left aren’t going to be coming back,  but we’ve got to be creating new industries and new jobs here in America.”  Which, according to Golgart, is exactly what entrepreneurs are doing in Colorado.

Wilkins is a sole practitioner with the Law Firm of Teresa Wilkins, LLC — and she is one of those trailblazers.  She left a position at a local law firm to start her own employee-focused family and employment law firm when planning to have her first child.  Wilkins wanted to work, but knew she needed more flexibility—one of the highlights in the survey showing why job satisfaction is up among some groups.

To do so, Wilkins chose to have a “virtual office,” in which a remote location answers her phone and transfers calls to her home office.  The setup also allows her to use a top-scale business address to receive mail and meet clients when necessary.  It provides the flexibility of working from home, but the professionalism of meeting clients in a fully equipped, nicely appointed class A building when necessary.  It also increases safety, since she does not have to use her home address for business purposes.

Wilkins uses a Regus center in south Denver for her needs as “it had a great location, it was the right price, the people were incredibly nice and professional and it gave me that professional appearance even though I wouldn’t be there all the time.”  She also emphasizes how much resources are saved in time and gas when she does not commute to the office.

Golgart points out that Wilkins’ sentiments are right in line with the survey, as it indicates the top five causes of workplace stress are:

1) workloads,

2) management style,

3) work relationships,

4) organizational restructuring and

5) home/family responsibilities.

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