Zendaya’s Groundbreaking Emmy Win and Her Cross-Cultural Background

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Cross-Cultural star Zendaya Coleman scored a much deserved Emmy award for her incredible performance in hit show Euphoria.
Zendaya's Groundbreaking Emmy Win has her all smiles in red backless dress on blue background
Photo labeled for reuse. Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons.

Actress Zendaya and her Groundbreaking Emmy win helped increase diversity The 2020 Television Academy Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles, Calif. U.S.A. They were vastly different from those in years past due to its virtual nature. By following social distancing guidelines, the awards show needed to broadcast from various locations. However, they were not any less spectacular to watch. The Emmys “are raising diversity standards just a little bit higher in the year of 2020,” explains journalist Cydney Contreras for E! Online news. The bar continues to raise in terms of nominations as well as award winners. Regarding diversity, this year the Emmys featured a host of actors and actresses with a multitude of varying cultural backgrounds.

One cross-cultural Emmy winner who is turning heads this year is Euphoria’s star with much admiration, Zendaya Coleman. Being culturally diverse, she proves to be an exception in the industry. Coleman portrays a loved character, Rue Bennett, in the hit show.

Host Jimmy Kimmel announced the young and skilled stars award. Shortly after the star received the award, she was bursting with shock and enthusiasm; quickly stating, “this is pretty crazy, I don’t really cry.” This sweet and genuine moment demonstrates how Coleman’s career and hard work paid off. This award proves the high respect Coleman has earned by this incredible honor of winning an Emmy.

Zendaya’s Pride in Her Culture

Coleman is of German and African ancestry and holds her culture close to her heart. She incorporates it as a large part of her identity, explaining in a video entitled Z for Zendaya, “I’m from Africa, as well as I’m from Germany. I’m very proud of that.”

She believes her culture is a large aspect of who she is as an individual and as an actress. She has expressed this belief within previous interviews. Coleman makes it clear that she does not wish to be perceived as only consisting of one race, and she does not believe anyone can fall into the category as one race or another. Because Coleman is of mixed race with a Germanic-American mother and an African-American father, she makes it apparent that her culture and countries of origin are crucial when defining her identity.

Actor Zendaya's Groundbreaking Emmy Win shows her in a blush pink top with long pearl droplet earrings and slicked hair
Photo labeled for reuse. Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons.

How Zendaya’s Emmy Win Affects Her Perception as an Actress

Although many perceive Coleman as a Black actress, she is also a cross-cultural actress. Coleman’s hidden diversity comes into play as with the perception as havingone identity while in actuality, she wants to be seen for all of her ethnic and cultural background.

Many are unaware of the diversity she holds in her beliefs, customs, name and style. This can be seen in other actresses and actors as well. With Coleman in the spotlight at this year’s Emmys, it is important to look at the ways in which the young star is multi-faceted in her cultural makeup. Her Emmy win was another groundbreaking victory for those who value representing their cultural identity. This holds especially true in an industry that generally glazes over and does not deep dive into cultural makeup or preferred identity. Overall, this was a victorious win and is one that will continue to break down boundaries within the television industry.

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