5 Free Things To Do In The World

Have you ever been bitten by the traveling bug? Where suddenly you have the urge to just drop everything you’re doing and get away from it all. Many have but one thing keeps them from scratching that itch; traveling can be expensive.

While this seems like the most obvious answer to a common problem, there is also an even simpler solution. Take advantage of free activities.

Wherever anyone travels, there is always going to be some kind of event, institution, park, etc. that is going to be open to the public. In hopes of inspiring some spontaneous travel plans, here are five activities that are completely free to enjoy!


1. Visit any national museum in the UK. All throughout the United Kingdom, national museums are free for the public to enjoy. Some of the most popular museums include the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum located in Glasgow, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield and even the British Museum in London, which is famous for housing the Rosetta Stone.


2. Experience the Full Moon Rave. This unique event takes place on the full moon, as well as half moon, of every month on the island Koh Phangan, Thailand. The Full Moon Rave is known as Southeast Asia’s wildest beach party and better than that, it’s entirely free for anyone to join in and enjoy. This is one party that the only cost is going to be your sleep.

notre dame

3. Visit the Lady of Paris. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, also known as Notre Dame, is located in Paris. After taking more than 200 years to be built, Notre Dame is now known for being one of the earth’s most spectacular attractions. Free tours are given in English every Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00pm and Saturday’s at 2:30.

trevi fountain

4. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Anyone who travels to Rome knows that the Trevi Fountain is a must on the destination hot list. Known for being not only the largest Baroque fountain in the city, but also being the most beautiful in the world. Millions of visitors flock to this fountain every year in hopes of throwing a coin and having their wish fulfilled. Think Hilary Duff’s scene in The Lizzie Maguire Movie when she closes her eyes, throws the coin and when she opens them, a gorgeous Italian man is in front of her. While even I wish a coin could bring me an Italian man, there is a legend that states those who throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain are destined to return to Rome; and that sounds just as rewarding.

Photo taken by Lauren Norris at Rio Tinajas while visiting Puerto Rico.
Photo taken by Lauren Norris at Rio Tinajas while visiting Puerto Rico.

5. Take the plunge at Rio Tinajas. Also known as Charco Frio, Rio Tinajas is a fresh water river located in the rain forest of Puerto Rico. While Puerto Rico has stunning beaches, this river is an exclusive gem that is rightly treasured. Following a 15-minute hike, of average difficulty, adventurers are rewarded with a spectacular sight. The first area of the river features a pool where people can jump off two rocks, between 12 and 15 feet high, into the clear water. There’s even a rope swing for people to do tricks before landing in the water.

Photo taken by Lauren Norris at Rio Tinajas while visiting Puerto Rico.
Photo taken by Lauren Norris at Rio Tinajas while visiting Puerto Rico.

Once you’ve enjoyed the first pool, the more adventurous individuals can hike up for another 10 minutes to a secluded third pool. Here there is a natural water slide to enjoy as well as a couple waterfalls. Though what attracts people to this certain area of the river is the 50-foot cliff jump. After the hike visitors have to scale another 10 feet up with a rope on the cliff and then plunge into the water to get back down. Definitely an adventure suited more towards those who seeking a thrill.

So the next time you get bit by the travel bug, don’t let the only thing to stop you from getting out and exploring the world be money. Some of the most beautiful things a place can offer only require a desire to experience it.

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