Holland’s Most Colorful Attraction


Spring has officially sprung! March 20 marked the beginning of the most colorful season that is seen throughout the world: spring. The sun shines warmer and longer, people venture outdoors more and the world begins to awake in front of our very eyes.

A tree sprouting leaves, the color of lush green and flowers finally blossoming; the start of spring can be an enchanting thing to witness. If looking out the window doesn’t get you excited, then how about one of the most vibrant flower demonstrations in the world. Welcome to Holland, where spring is known by one word: tulips.

spring 4Holland and flowers are intricately connected. Tourists come from all across the planet to be able to see the display that is created with the bulb fields, narrow ditches and strips of green grass. These flowers are also one of the main export products of Holland.

Flowers, tulips specifically, are considered very dear to the heart of Holland. Holland first received the tulip several centuries ago from Turkey and Iran. Because the tulip became as popular as it did in Holland, it allowed for an extremely successful flower industry to bloom. Holland is now the top producer of any commercially sold flower and plant.

One of the great things about Holland is that there is no shortage of events that tourists can attend to view the flower spectacle themselves.

spring 2

The Flower Parade is held every year in Holland and is one of the most spectacular sights. The parade includes 50 different floats and cars that are entirely covered and decorated with a variety of flowers. The parade covers around a 40-kilometer route that extends from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Even once the parade is over the floats will remain on view for the public.

spring 3

The next flower hot spot is the Floating Flower Market. Located in a canal called the Singel lies Holland’s famous flower market. The thing that makes this market unique is that all flowers and plants are displayed on floating barges. The reason being that when the market was first held in 1862, the fresh flowers were first brought over and sold on the barges. The variety of flowers and plants that are sold make this market place one of the more colorful places of Amsterdam.

spring 4

Now Holland’s prized flower jewel is Keukenhof. With over seven million bulbs, Keukenhof is known as the most exquisite spring park on the entire planet. The best time to visit this blooming paradise is in April or May since that is when all tulip fields begin to blossom. The outstanding spectacle includes different gardens and four pavilions that display a stunning collection that includes tulips, orchids, hyacinths, roses, irises, lilies and several other types of flowers.

Though you may not live in Holland, spring brings all kinds of colors to the world. So get outside, take a look around, and don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of your own backyard.


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