5 Tips For A Better Flight Experience

When it comes to traveling one of the most loved, and also most dreaded, parts is the flight to your destination. This is the time when you’re fidgeting in your seat from the anticipation of finally getting to experience and enjoy the meticulously planned vacation that has been brewing for months. To make sure that your flight soars smoothly and is free of any unwanted turbulence, here are five tips to ensure you arrive vacation ready.

Create your own mini bag of flight essentials. A pair of headphones, noise canceling would be best, a good book or magazine and something to curb any mid-flight cravings are three big must have’s in my flight essential bag. The mini flight essentials bag can be as simple as bringing your own headphones or as elaborate as the packages bought at the store.

Invest in a decent neck pillow. This can be a real game changer, especially if the flight you’re taking is longer than four hours. Imagine arriving to your destination bounding off the flight and ready to take on your first activity with a well-rested outlook.

Always have a backup. Charger that is. Having a mobile charger can be a major lifeline for those who love to Instagram photos and post to all social medium sites while traveling. It’s also helpful for those times when having to stop and charge your phone is the last thing on your mind.

Make sure to take care of your skin. While this is usually not something people usually consider, plane rides do affect your skin. With the changing climate and stale air that is continuously circulated throughout the cabin, it’s smart to keep face wipes, moisturizer and even a spritz bottle handy to freshen up if your skin needs it.

Enjoy yourself. There’s always the possibility of the flight being delayed, missing it entirely, or having the dreaded crying baby on board as long as the outlook you have is one of happiness and eagerness, it’ll all be a part of the experience. Besides, traveling is an experience that is made to be appreciated, every single bit of it.


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