Negra Como Soy: No Longer Latina pt 2: Not Parent Expected (AUDIO)

Negra Como Soy: No longer Latina pt 2: Not Parent Expected AUDIO PODCAST
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Your parent wasn’t who you thought they were?

Dr. Paulette Bethel joins us again on the revelation of a Not Parent Expected (NPE) from a routine ancestry DNA test and the resulting trauma model she developed.

“There are gonna be days when people either decide to take a commercial [DNA] test for fun and have this discovery or they begin to learn because they get contacted by someone who has made this discovery and saying, ‘Hi! I took a DNA test and apparently you’re my half-sister or half-brother.'”

“So I recognize now that it multiplies in terms of complexity when you have this kind of surprise experience.” she says.

From the Third Culture Kid (TCK) “where do I fit” question, to nature vs. nurture and Hispanic vs. Latino, we go through it all in this episode!

Listen to the podcast by clicking below!

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