Birthday celebrations around the world


  1. It is always fun to learn about traditions in other cultures! One thing This video talked about how different cultures around the world celebrate birthdays. One thing I observed, but didn’t quite agree with, is that in Ecuador, during the quinceanera, emphasis is placed on the girl wearing pink and the father to put on her first pair of heels. While I see the purpose in this, I think that the girl (now a full woman according to this culture) is being coerced into being “girly” when she may have other preferences. However, it is similar in the US. We throw “sweet sixteens” decked out in lavish decorations and food. It’s neat that I learned how different, yet similar, our cultures are.

  2. What an engaging video to learn more about traditions across the globe. It is obvious that videos, graphics, and innovative images have the ability to capture the attention of audiences. While it can be simple and to the point, using multimedia in articles can take it to another level.

  3. This video was not good. The entire text was in comic sans which is probably the most hated text of all time. Also the video went super fast so I couldn’t read much of the text that was shown. Where is the sound? There was no music or voiceover for this video which made me enjoy it even less. The idea of this video has some potential and it is interesting to learn about different cultures when it comes to birthdays, but this looks like it was made in PowerPoint.

  4. What a creative way to present the topic! I do wish the text had been a bit easier to read, but the content was decent. It’s so interesting to note how something as routine as a birthday can be celebrated in completely different ways, depending on the culture. I also feel like celebrations will vary by the person, not just by culture. For example, someone with a Brazilian background living in China may wish to celebrate with aspects of both cultures.

  5. I really like this video. Some of these absurd traditions were a big part of my childhood and I had no idea that other countries did them too. I’m glad that I learned a lot about these topics. I’d like to have heard some audio here because it definitely was strange to just sit there and watch a power point with no voice over, but the overall message and idea of this were amazing.

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