CultursCASA: A Place for Global Gathering

This is my dream.  To inhabit or restore a historic building with a lot of character. To take a building that has seen many, and bring in barreling into the 21st Century by having different Cultures, People, Food, Art and languages fill its spaces.  I call it CULTURS CASA.

It would have the Restoration Hardware look, as shown in the video.  What would be even more fantastic is if Restoration Hardware partnered with us to make it an RH gallery.  The rest of the building would be like home, replete with:

  • A place for travelers, artisans, entertainers and global thinkers.

  • We would have entertaining events every other month, complete with globally-inspired cooking classes.

  • Language events to encourage native language speakers to interact with those trying to master that language.

  • A research Center about Third Culture Kids, Global Nomads and those with liminal identities (multi-ethnic, multi-racial, all of us who are “in-between”).

  • A place to host global travelers who stop in from around the world.

  • Space to showcase programs and charitable giving around the world, and to tell the stories of their people.

  • Living and studio space for artists who are part of our summer Artist Residencies, not to mention a global gallery.

  • And of course retail areas, so you could take a piece of us to your home.

A dream place where people feel comfortable, can connect, learn and grow.  A place to feel alive!

I look forward to introducing you to Culturs house in the future.


  1. This place is unreal.  I can’t imagine what amazing things would be accomplished in this building if it becomes Culturs Haus!

  2. I can just imagine how amazing this place could become! I know I would definitely make sure to visit Culturs house. 

  3. I would love to visit Culturs Haus in the future! I love the idea of a place for travelers, artisans, entertainers and global thinkers to all come together to meet, converse, share and enjoy each others company. I think we need more places like this in the world! Thanks for sharing Doni! 

  4. Wow, awesome article. Culture Haus looks unreal. I would definitely love to visit sometime!

  5. This is an incredible idea! The video is captivating and i definitely want to visit!! 🙂

  6. I love old buildings so much. It would be amazing to have a place for this community to gather!

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