Cannabis & Beauty is a Growing Trend

Mountainary capitalizes on the vast applications of the ancient and diverse cannabis plant. 

It began as an idea to make a bath and body line using the highest-quality, purest, natural ingredients, and then, lovingly craft each item by hand in small batches. More than 20 years later, Mountainary founder Karen Daly Swan’s central California beauty business is still going strong.

Featured in gift bags at this year’s Academy Awards, Mountainary’s out-of-the-ordinary products use hybrid cannabis plants that the company says have “been very carefully mastered over decades for pain and inflammation.” These cannabis strains are not psychoactive, but instead, rich in healthful cannabidiol, or CBD. The plants are grown atop mountains, “where light units are high (and) the rich soil is natural and free from herbicides and pesticides.”

Almost zero waste is created in the production of Mountainary products as the entire cannabis plant is used, rather than just the stems.

Mountainary is dedicated to all-natural compounds and argues that mainstream, chemical- and perfume-laden cosmetics often sit on department store shelves for weeks. The company’s fresh-to-order products, on the other hand, are intended for use within four months of purchase because they lack potentially harmful preservatives.

As for Mountainary’s effectiveness: “The buds and flowers are the superstars that make our healing handiwork effective.”


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