Cultural Fluidity in Music

Guitar (Image credit: Gabriel Gurrola via Unsplash)

When looking at the impact of cultural fluidity on music, you don’t have to look very far as it is everywhere.

Some of the most famous and well known musicians are culturally fluid, or from a different background than most.  There are aspects of being culturally fluid in almost all genres of music, and most music has a multicultural influence to it. 

Music has been a way for people to express themselves since the beginning of time, and the impact of cultural fluidity is seen in every aspect. Immigrants like Carlos Santana, Freddy Mercury and Eddie Van Halen have been changing the music landscape all while putting their own culturally fluid spin on things. 

Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

In coming to the United States, these artists were able to bring their own style of music from their own countries and incorporate it into modern U.S. music, making hits along the way.

After immigrating to the U.S., Santana went on to perform at Woodstock and also millions of albums, showing how important the influence of cultural fluidity is on music. Without music having the influence of cultural fluidity, most of what we know today as music would not exist. 

The music of Shakira and Rihanna are also heavily influenced by their multicultural background as they incorporate those cultures into it.

Shakira (Image via Instagram)

By bringing the culturally fluid aspect to music, it makes it accessible to a much wider audience. Rihanna won many awards for her album ANTI, in which she used a Caribbean influence that added a unique listening experience. 

Rihanna (Image via Instagram)
Rihanna (Image via Instagram)

Overall, cultural fluidity is very important in music, as many of the most renowned artists are immigrants, multicultural or another form. Without having the influence of cultural fluidity on music, we would not have nearly the same type of diverse options to listen to.

In conclusion, the influence of cultural fluidity on music has shaped the industry to be what it is now.


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