Earthquake: Tragedy That Leads to Unity

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An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale rocked Guatemala this week, with tremors felt as far away as El Salvador and Mexico.

In the quake’s aftermath, people took to social media to document the damage.

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For those who felt the earth move in Mexico, no doubt they remember a similarly strong quake several years prior.

On September 19, 2017 Mexico City and surrounding areas fell victim to yet another horrific earthquake. This was the first major earthquake that had hit this city since 1985.

As soon as the earthquake hit, civilians were posting videos on social media of the devastation to the city’s infrastructure. Buildings were falling down, roads were a disaster and countless homes were left in shambles.

The 2017 earthquake also came during a time two major earthquakes hit Florida and Puerto Rico. During this time, Earth was in total chaos. However, amidst all the commotion, people around the world came together to lend Mexico a helping hand.

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According to The Guardian, at least 225 people died in result of the 2017 earthquake and plenty more were left wounded. The world was left to watch the destruction through television and phone screens.

But just two days after the quake, a team from Japan flew in to help with rescue efforts. These efforts included transporting rubble and trying to find people trapped under buildings. A picture posted on Twitter from Mexican news reporter Joaquin Lopez-Doriga showed the rescuers arrive at the airport. Several Mexican citizens responded to the tweet, thanking the Japanese.

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In addition, a Mexican-American photographer, Ashley Frangie, posted on her social media accounts that she was collecting non-perishable items among other things to send to Mexico. She is based in California and posted on her Instagram the items she collected and was able to send.

‘I’d like to be there to help you, to lift you up.’ — Ashley Frangie in 2017 via Instagram

Even Spanish soccer powerhouse Real Madrid showed their respect for the victims by taking a moment of silence just a night after the quake occurred.

(Real Madrid in 2017 via Twitter)

These are just two out of countless examples of people from across the world that helped Mexico City. The world was thinking of the devastation and the smaller communities affected by this tragedy.

Global culture and human compassion really shine through in times of need. It’s the little things that connect people together even when living in different areas of the world. Chances are the same will happen with Guatemala.


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