Multicultural Moms Write Children’s Book for TCKs

Maryam Afnan Ahmad, one of the authors of the children's book, Slurping Soup and Other Confusions, smiles during an interview with Culturs.


There are several ways to eat a bowl of soup. You could use chopsticks, or a spoon, or you could slurp it right out of the bowl – and often these tactics are culturally coded. For a kid growing up abroad, it can be difficult to understand the customs of a new country, while still preserving the customs of your own family. To address the challenges third culture kids (TCK’s) face, a group of multicultural moms got together to write a book about it.

The book is called Slurping Soup and Other Confusions, and it was written with globally-mobile children in mind. The stories and activities are designed to help TCK’s process the challenges and benefits of their unique lifestyle, providing them with the tools to address any uniquely-TCK struggles.

Maryam Afnan Ahmad, one of those multicultural moms, has more on the book, and how it brought her to the Families in Global Transition Conference – eventually landing her on the FIGT Board of Directors.

Find out more about the authors of Slurping Soup and read a 4-chapter sample on their website.

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