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As the World Cup has comes to a close and we won’t be seeing those hunky soccer players every day, we will have to go back to YouTube for our daily dose of cultural entertainment.

Luckily, Enrique Iglesias has a sexy new song out right now, and the video shows off his futbol skills, as well as his singing skills. If you haven’t heard the song or seen the video yet, you need to.

The song is called ‘Bailando,’ which in English, means ‘dancing.’ There is a Spanish version, an English version and a Portuguese version. The Spanish video premiered in April and has already gotten over 170 million views. It was filmed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic by Cuban producer Alejandro Perez.

The song is on Iglesias’ latest album Sex and Love.”  Just three short weeks after the song was released, it topped the Spanish charts, making it his second Spanish song to hit number 1. The song made it to number 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100, which made it the highest charting Spanish song of his career, and the second highest Spanish song by any artist on the Billboard Hot 100 after Shakira’s song ‘La Tortura’ at number 23.

With 221,000 downloads, ‘Bailando’ is the best selling digital track of the year.

Perhaps it’s the moves from the dancers of Havana, the beautiful scenery of Santo Domingo, the awe inspiring flamenco dancers, or steamy Enrique Iglesias and his crew of guest artists that has made this song so popular. Clearly it has become a viral sensation worldwide.

Check out the video of ‘Bailando’ and experience the culture, beauty and skill that is Enrique Iglesias. Also, compare the English version with the Spanish version and see which one you like better.

English version:

Spanish Version:




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