Imagine working Remotely: 12 Global Destinations – One amazing year


Remote Year is an innovative program that curates communities of professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers from across the globe to spend four or 12 months together working, traveling and exploring cities around the world.

Providing work and travel programs that bring together communities of passionate professionals to trek the globe while working remotely, Remote Year offers a variety of ways to get off the beaten path, explore local communities and enhance career development.

Though members of the “Remote Nation,” (the organization’s nickname for each cohort) hail from every walk of life, its citizens tread some common ground: They strive to expand professional, social and cultural horizons while consistently testing their comfort zones.

Photographer Richard Silver was the oldest man to complete Remote Year when he wrapped up his 12-month adventure in Kyoto, Japan.

It’s not just the program’s community that proves powerful    Remote Year is a threshold to a larger, global community. The program champions human connection through cultural exchange. Using a network of international staff with intimate knowledge of local areas, they work to deliver transformative experiences.

Since 2015, Remote Year has hosted more than 1,000 remotes, in 18 cities and 16 countries on five continents.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.

The program touts itself as the largest organization to provide such a robust platform for remote professionals.

Photographer Richard Silver was the oldest man to complete Remote Year when he wrapped up his 12-month adventure in Kyoto, Japan.

Photo by Yann Maignan on Unsplash

Silver said that the program changed his personal outlook on travel. He not only looks forward to his usual solo travel, but  now is open to travel involving large groups of people or other single travelers.

At age 55, he traveled to 32 countries — thrice what he contracted with the travel company.  With boundless energy, he strayed even further off the beaten path, which ensured the adventure of a lifetime. “Being able to travel with so many diverse, interesting people has given me a new perspective on what travel means to me. Before RY, I did most of my traveling by myself or with small groups of travelers on tours. Now I look forward to the days when I am able to be surrounded by more people that I do not know. There is a certain comfort factor involved in this kind of travel that I did not have the opportunity to experience before and I enjoyed it immensely,” He mused.

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