VIDEO: Part II: What does community mean to you?

In this world, these are an endless amount of ways to make connections. In your surroundings, you have the ability to create a community around you. This can be whatever you need it to be, a group of friends, a support system or just a group you know you can count on in the end of the day.

As there are millions of unique individuals, there are going to be millions of definitions of community.

What means community to one person can be different for another person.

But everyone can agree that feeling like you belong to something is an amazing experience.

Just like any other community, the TCK and LGBTQ+ communities thrive on building community within themselves.

In this video, we explored the community at Colorado State University and how they define community. This video was a great representation of the community here and hopefully individuals around the world can identify with the same meanings of community.

You can find the link to Kendall’s article about this video HERE.




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