“The Road Home”

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This short film shows the life struggle of a young boy name Pico facing identity confusion. The film takes place in the beautiful land of the Himalayan Mountains near a village called Mussoorie, where Rahul’s childhood school was located.

Pico was constantly bullied and harassed by his colleagues. The confusion of self-identity in Pico believing he was an English Person sickened his peers because they found it as a racial insult. Pico frustration started to ignite and led him on a journey to the Delhi airport. The journey allowed Pico to encounter with many strangers from different backgrounds and identify him as someone he does not believe himself to be. Those interactions allowed him to intensely analyze his identity.

After, viewing this film it allowed me to thoroughly scrutinize the self-identity issues so many people experience due to relocation. Personally, I believe it could be frustrating to get labeled into a certain race if you grew up in a different culture and atmosphere.

I was born in Miami, Florida. However, my parents are Peruvians and I have visited and at times lived in Peru since I was young. I have adapted to both the American and Peruvian culture because of the amount of time spent in both countries. Even though I speak the both languages fluently I have also been labeled American in Peru.

The smart remarks and stereotypes of Peruvians saying I felt empower and superior then everyone else because I am American. Quickly became very annoying. I understand the struggle Pico faced and understood why reacted in an angry manner when labeled Indian.


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