Megan Osorio — A First-Generation Success Story in the Making

Megan Osorio: A First-Generation Success Story in the Making on XOTV
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Megan Osorio is a student at Regis University. Ever since she was a little girl, Osorio knew she wanted to help people, and especially work with children.

A nursing student, Osorio is a child of immigrants, and her determination to finish her studies means that she will persevere through any obstacle that comes in her way.

“If you do hard work, you can be successful,” she says.

First-generation students are incredible in the fact that they create their own paths for their education, making their own road-maps. They figure out how to do college applications, essays, FAFSA, financial aid, ACT/SAT tests, etc., by themselves or by finding their own resources.

In the video below, Megan shares a part of her journey to higher education so far.

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Megan Osorio

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