Postcards from the 48% – part 1 of 3

Brexit graphic courtesy of the University of Connecticut.

In the film — “Postcards from the 48%” a new documentary directed by David Wilkinson vividly portrayed the “Remainers’s” side of the Brexit issue. It was an extraordinarily moving political documentary that allowed ordinary people affected by Brexit to tell their stories regarding the European Union (EU) referendum vote. It was a modern history lesson for all nations which if not mindfully considered is destined to repeat itself. 

More than two years after a non-binding referendum vote in favor of exiting the European Union (EU) the United Kingdom (UK) is still divided.

The UK and the EU negotiators reached an agreement on a Brexit withdrawal deal on Nov. 13, 2018.

British Prime Minister — Theresa May presented the deal to her cabinet on Nov. 14, 2018.

At issue Britains are worried about every aspect of their lives after Brexit; from education to business, healthcare and crossing borders.

The uncertainty was highly evidenced in the film. In this moment in history subjects like open or closed borders, immigration and taxes and tariffs are a concern for nearly every nation around the globe.

As a result every country is watching what happens in the UK very closely.

Brexit graphic
Brexit graphic courtesy of the University of Connecticut.

The uncertainty of the UK and EU after Brexit

Wilkinson said this about Brexit and the uncertainty it brings to the UK.

“Every day presents a new incredible headlines from ‘how to guarantee adequate food supplies’ to illegal overspending to the real possibility of running out of essential lifesaving medicines; far from the brave new world the UK was promised when they voted to ‘take back control’.

Still the UK government seems determined on flinging the country over the precipice without a deal”.

The film’s importance to all of Europe and its impact on the global economy is not lost in North America.

As a result advanced tickets for both showings were sold out at the forty-first Denver Film Festival.

Primarily Brexit is the classic cautionary tale that portends the future if other nations do not study the past. Failing to learn from the UK’s history may result in a nation divided like the United Kingdom.

Postcards from the 48%—UK’s most controversial film of 2018

The amount of controversy surrounding this film was so intense that no British citizen would fund the project according to Filmmaker – David Wilkinson. He went on to say:

“When the film opened in the UK many cinemas would not play it. And of the 120 films that ‘Guerilla Films’ has released in the UK it is the only time that all the right-wing Brexit supporting newspapers – The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Daily Express have combined not to review one of Guerilla’s releases.

Accident or design? We think that this is because in order to destroy essentially a ‘Stop Brexit film” they would have to destroy the arguments. Since the arguments are all based on truth to attempt to do so would have been impossible. Therefore they chose to ignore it”.

Postcards at the Denver Film Festival

“Postcards from the 48%” had its North American Premier at the forty-first Denver Film Festival.

The Denver Film Festival ran from Oct. 31 through Nov. 11, 2018, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

“I am delighted that the film is having its North American première at the 41st Denver Film Festival”. Director David Wilkinson said. He went on to say:

”Apart from the fact that my good friend Kevin Marwick the veteran UK film exhibitor has stated that it is the best film festival in North America, it [The Denver Film Festival] has a strong reputation in Europe for screening intelligent thought provoking films. Of course I jumped at the chance when they asked me to take part”.

There is a lot to unpack in relation to the Brexit vote the, Brexit withdrawal deal and the film — “Postcards from the 48%”. In the second of a three-part series we will take a look at why the EU exists as well as discuss the merits of the withdrawal deal and what it means for Europe as well as the global economy.

Part-three of this three-part series will also examine how other countries are challenged by some of the same issues which led to the Brexit vote the outcome of the agreement reached Nov. 13, as well as the country’s next steps.


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